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In the past 11 years, many programs of the Green Szeklerland Association have been related to the Environmental Education (EE). In 2010 we realized the need to merge smaller educational initiatives into a larger program since individual program’s results showed they were not effective. That’s how Ant School began, which is the biggest environmental and education program in the region. In the next few years we’ll continue to grow by merging other programs.

What do we do? What’s the reason behind our effort?

In Szeklerland EE is available in many schools. Committed teachers organize environmental activities for their classes. Many of these are short term programs intended for smaller communities. The Ant School is built on these initiatives and its effort to help those who are interested in EE. We assist teachers in different ways to work with EE locally, or those who affiliated with Entschool, or individually.

Professional Necessities

We’re sure that many necessities related to EE are low priorities since we don’t have any medium to share or because of lack of interest in handing them out. If we want that to change, we’ll need information and new ideas. If the teachers who are interested in EE can find out the necessities easier, they can prepare easier for the activities and the knowledge can be taught with more children. We’re most proud of our online informational brochures. It contains 1,020 pages and anybody can download them for free from our page. With its help, we can easily prepare the EE classes or just get immersed by the information.


Naturally, our main focus is to organize activities for the entire Szeklerland. In previous years, we organized programs for 10,000 students.


We’ve had our website, ( since February 2017 because we have extensive amounts of educational programs and we needed to show them individually on our website for those who are interested can gather information about Ant School (news, downloads, program details, online activities, etc.)

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