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2017.02.09. – Certainly, we are not aware of that how many bird species live around us. The goal of the curriculum is that the children become familiar with different domestic bird species.

During the session we print out and project the posters. The task of the kids is to recognize as many species as possible. We can also choose different difficulty levels, and we can use the worksheets containing the names of the bird species in alphabetical order, and  the children can enter only the correct numbers. We can also do this in the opposite way by using pages with serial numbers where need to write the corresponding bird names.

This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the children’s knowledge. If our goal is to develop the knowledge of the children, we need to organize a competition or even leave it for homework, and the children need to solve the task with the help of a bird guide. The labeled images (144) can also be used as posters in the classrooms by showing the bird species.

A tananyag innen tölthető le.

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