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The Green Szeklerland Association organized for the second time the environmental competition, covering the whole year. The environmental competition was sponsored by the Bethlen Gabor Foundation. The main goal was to ensure a continuous competition for students in the region and build a permanent relationship with the environmental problems. Due to the structure of the program, the interested teams and the individual contestants were able to participate continuously.

Each monthly puzzle contained four tasks. These puzzles were diversified as much as possible. It was a great challenge for the organizing team to come up with such puzzles for different difficulty levels. At the same time they also provided an opportunity to rank students.

The first task of the last round of May was a column puzzle to guess the names of different species. The second task was to identify exotic animal species and their habitats. The third task was to enumerate three signs of climate change which affects the flora and the fauna and explaining the connections. The last task was to associate bird species with the appropriate nests and eggs.

The most talented in this month was Antal Áron, of the Fülöp Áron Primary School (Feliceni), followed by the team named “Hangyák”. The third place was occupied by Kovács Koppány and Nagy Alpár of the Gaál Mózes Primary School (Baraolt) and the “Westlife” team of Kós Károly Primary School (Gheorgheni).

The final results:

Individual competitors

  1. place – Kovács Koppány (Baraolt, GaálMózes Primary School)
  2. place – Antal Áron (Feliceni, FülöpÁron Primary School)
  3. place – Lukácsi Izabella (Feliceni, FülöpÁron Primary School)


  1. place – Hangyák (Feliceni, FülöpÁron Primary School)
  2. place – HangyÁszok (Sânpaul, LászlóGyula Primary School)
  3. place – Westlife (Gehorgheni, KósKároly Primary School)

In the previous year 149 children from 14 locations joined the program, while in this year 180 students from 28 schools participated in the program.

The third competition will start in October. Our goal is to get this competition even more popular among children and schools.

We are grateful for the students who participated and also for their teachers who helped them!

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