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The Green Szeklerland Association has published over 1,000 pages of free-to-download digital educational material on the website Our goal is to create as much educational material as possible and make it available for teachers, students and anybody interested. Changing mentality can only happen if more and more people start thinking and acting in a different way.
Thanks to the support of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation, the amount of the educational materials hasgrown considerably, and the game entitled “Bird, don’t be angry!”can now be downloaded from the website of the Association.
The game helps children to learn useful information about birds in a fun way. The task of the players is to take the corresponding number of eggs to the nest while they answer questions related to birds and prevent the eggs from breaking. There are six differently colored fields in the game corresponding to different kinds of tasks. One of the most important tasks isrelated to the orange field:if they step on this field, the players have to identify bird species by choosing from 115 orange cards that display the picture of a bird and three possible answers. On the yellow field, the players need to pick up a yellow card and answer a question about the world of birds.

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