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The Green Szeklerland Association with the Merești Counsil and with the Zetea Forest Organization on Saturday, November 12, will join to the national planting action. The goal is is to change over 300 hectares unused land to a new forest in 7-8 years with 50,000 of volunteers.

Planting good things Program in 2015 completed the planting about on 73 hectares (planting 225,000 seedlings) in a single day, with 11,000 volunteers in 14 regions. For the first time in this year, the national seedling action is being organized in 8 different regions in Harghita County. At the border of Meresti there is a hill named Gáll Hill. Everyone is always welcomed there, who wants to spend a nice Saturday in a good company.

Among the programs of the day there are: planting seedlings with the help of foresters and forest school tent, not only for small children. The specialty of the event is that we are trying to revive a degraded area by applying new technologies and to turn it back into the cycle of nature. The event begins at 9 am. Sign up as soon as possible to help to organize the trip in a cost-effective way, distributing free spaces. The national partner of the event is the Ministry of Environment. The event was organized by the Association of Young Transylvanian Entrepreneurs. During the seedling action, the organizers provides the tools, the seedlings and the hot food. The event is also supported by the Merești Medium Property and by the LIECO Sapling Austria.

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